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Monday, August 16, 2010

Sharing An Amazing Video...The Scar Project

My good friend Pat Quintal sent me this link.  It is an amazing video which features some very courageous women who are all survivors.

After watching this...I don't have much to say today.  Please leave your comments and turn up your speakers.  There is some great music in this video. Until next time my friends...



Anonymous said...

What amazingly brave and beautiful women--you, Penny, included. The photographer is a very special person to present this video with such love and sensitivity. Thank you for sharing this with us. Love, Aunt Sharon

Ellie K. Belfiglio said...

I Finally find the courage to watch the video. I am speechless.
God bless all your courageous women for what you have gone through.
God help you to become whole again in body.
God help you to stay whole in spirit and soul.
I love you my dear child.
From here to there

willow58 said...

Insightful. You are a blessing, Penny!!