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Friday, June 25, 2010

Taxol #2...Two more chemo sessions left!!!!

Tonight I am enjoying some time with my hubby who just got home from work.  The girls and I went swimming again today.  They have left to spend some time with their dad now.  Yesterday I spent all day at the oncologist office.  Kevin went with me and my friend Vicky came up for a couple of hours.  After she left my friend Pat Quintal came up and kept me entertained.  It is a long day with the Taxol.  I was thankful that I had two friends to hang out with me.  My dear mother-n-law has been there every time thus far, but this week her  granddaughter, Madison, is in town spending the some time with her.  So Kevin, Vicky, and Pat took turns hanging out with me and being there for support.  The day started at 10:00 a.m. First blood work, wait for results, meet with the doctor, and then on to the infusion room.  Since I was feeling a UTI coming on the previous couple of days, I drank a whole liter of cranberry juice and took about 14 "Berry Blend Juice Plus" capsules the day before chemo.  I passed the urinalysis, at least enough to go ahead with the chemo.  My oncologist Dr Krekow discussed with me the excruciating pain I experienced beginning on the third day after the first treatment I received of Taxol.  She said that since I was already hurting by the time I received the Neulasta shot, that getting it probably just aggrevated the situation.  She decided that I should not get it this time.  Even though I don't think I have experienced the typical side effects from the Neulasta, bone pain and muscle pain, this together with the Taxol can be a nasty combination.  The purpose of the Neulasta is to raise the white blood count so I am hoping that my counts will be good next week.  The good news is that right now I am pain free.  I feel pretty normal.  I will wait and see what day number three brings. 

Until then, I will enjoy the here and now, and be thankful for the friends and family that are so supportive of me.  Until next time my friends...


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny,
Just wanted to let you know that I've thought about you at least once a day, every day! I hope that you're having better days and able to enjoy part of your days with your girls and your sweet husband. Am glad to read that you're not in pain today, I hope that the pain free days continue for you. Hope you have a great weekend! Get some rest and hope to see you on the boards with news that you're having a good day! Much love, Cynthia

R said...

Hi Penny
well, my very first blog. I got the triple negative too and have 2 more Taxol treatments as well. I had AC for the first 4, and now 4 of Taxol.
I just wanted to say hi and my thoughts are with you. My doc said no Newlasta, as the do not think I need it with this stuff.
I am glad you have painless days. We need those!
I hope your treatment goes well and this nasty stuff is totally gone by the time you are finished.

willow58 said...

Nothing like waiting so long in a doctor's office but I am so pleased you have so much support from family and friends. We love you, Penny. You are ever in our thoughts and prayers!!