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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Like Clockwork, The Pain Is Back

Today was day #3...the third day post Taxol chemo treatment.  Just like last time, like clockwork, the bone pain and spasms are back.  It started off mild and has increased throughout the day.  The pain medication is helping...hydrocodone with two Aleve.  It takes the edge off the pain and keeps me from crying like a baby at least.  

It is going on 4 months since I have worked behind the chair at the salon.  I really must find a way to work at least a little when I am able.  Now that I know how the Taxol affects me, I am hoping to plan around the pain and get in a few days at work.  My co-workers and clients have been so good to us.  The salon is having a big "garage sale" on July 11th and 12th with a band at the gazebo and everything.  They have been planning this for a while and want to help us out with our medical expenses.  I am blown away.  The clients and staff have brought things to sell and have worked hard at getting it all together.  It is a humbling experience to have your good health taken away and your ability to make a living be jeopardized.  I am so thankful for the people that God has put in our lives.  He is always faithful.  I know that I could not have taken this much time off without God providing for us through so many wonderful people.  I am so thankful that I have had the time to heal and rest.  It is a little scary knowing I have at least two more surgeries to go through...knowing that I will have to be off even more time.  This is where faith comes in and you have to put all doubts aside.  God is in control.  As the saying goes..."If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it."  

Tomorrow I will go with my family to my sister Susie's house in Rowlett.  My sister has two sons ages 32 and 30.  The oldest, Jason was injured in a softball game the other night.  He was hit in the throat and has suffered injury to his vocal chords, has blood clots, and they are pretty sure he has a fractured bone in his neck. The swelling is too bad right now to determine all the damage.  I am praying that he will be fine.  He has a wonderful wife and three little boys....a beautiful family.  He is a tough one, so I am confident he will heal and make a speedy recovery.  We will be celebrating birthdays tomorrow at Susie's house, two of Jason's sons.  It will be good to see everyone and find out more about how Jason is doing.  I am hoping to be able to keep this pain under control while I am there. Thanks to all for your prayers for my nephew and myself.  As always I love getting your comments and I will post them after I read them.  God Bless everyone!  Until next time my friends...


Ellie K. Belfiglio said...

God give the knowledge to scientist to make this wonderful drugs for healing, but like everything else in life there never be a good without bad."Like Clockwork" the pain comes and like "clockwork" it disapears. But it heals you in between. I am so sorry about your nephew. I didn't know. You know who is going in my prayers at church this morning! Sometimes I think to myself, WHY? but at once I think of God and his paln for us. He will not let you suffer more than what you had suffered already. You have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband to love. You do everyhting right. Not you! What am I saying, as usual hang in there child. You'll be just fine. My motherly intuition knows that. We love you, pray for you and your family.
From here to there my child

Yolanda said...

Praying for you as always.

willow58 said...

Keep us posted on Jason's recovery. One of the coolest things about prayer is as you spend time in prayer for someone else, those prayers come back to you. It's a win win situation and we like those odds, Penny!