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Friday, July 9, 2010


Yesterday was my 3rd Taxol chemo treatment for triple negative breast cancer.  Only one more chemo left!! Yippie!  The bad news was that my white blood count was in the dangerously low levels so they would not let me skip the Neulasta shot this time.  This means some more serious pain coming my way.  Actually it has already started to creep in.  I began taking my pain medication this morning.  Tomorrow will be the third day since treatment and that is normally when it gets really bad and persist for about a week, maybe more with this NeulastaNeaulasta is an $8250 shot that hangs out in your system until it is needed to trigger bone marrow to produce white bloods cells.  This can cause some pretty serious bone pain.  For me, it greatly increases the pain of the Taxol treatments, which causes me most of the crippling pain that I experience in my joints and bones.  I am praying to feel good this weekend.  I need a miracle.  Why?  Because I have some amazing people doing some wonderful things for my family and I would like to be there to witness it all happen.

Vicky, my best friend of 18 years now and so many of my other co-workers have organized this huge garage sale to benefit me and my family's extra expenses of medical and me not working, etc.  Clients from everywhere and other salons have brought things and many have donated tables, clothing racks, and there time to help out.  Saturday will go from 8-6 with an Elvis tribute performance artist, and an "I love Frank Sinatra" singer at the gazebo.  Sunday will be the Russel Dorsey Band, a Big Band Swing group who are very popular locally.  All this for me?  Still can't believe it, but I am feeling the love!

My girls, Landri and Presley,my niece Leah, Cindy my sister, and many of their friends are helping out as well and volunteering their time.  My family will be running a table selling pink lemonade, breast cancer pink ribbon hats, visors, key chains, pins, bookmarks, magnetic car ribbons, breast cancer awareness bracelets, etc....100% of the profits going to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.  They will also be handing out free publications and educational material about all kinds of different cancers, awareness and their prevention....and of course free balloons for the kiddos!  Sunday there are a large group of stylists, many of whom I used to work with from Avatar Salon, and several from The Yellow Brick Salon are coming over to do wet cuts for a donation.  So many good, generous people in this world.  Ken Cater, my friend and the new owner of the Yellow Brick has spent a lot of time carrying donated items from the salon to the empty lease space the shopping center donated to us for storage.  Linda, his mother and many other stylists have worked really hard pricing items in an un-airconditioned space...working tirelessly until there was no light to work in.  I can't express my gratitude enough to all these people who made this happen.  I just really want to be there as you can see why.  So if you are in the area, this Saturday and Sunday please come and enjoy the music and go treasure hunting at the gargage sale.  There will be drinks, cookies and such as well.  Come stop by the salon and check it out and don't forget the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation table full of goodies and accepting donations. 

The address is

The Yellow Brick Salon
485 W Harwood Rd
Hurst, TX 76054

Located at the Village Plaza Shopping Center @ SE Corner of Harwood & Hurstview

Thanks to all who did so much to put this together.  What is really cool about this event is after it is all over....a church group is picking up all the leftover items and they will be having a sale for an orphanage that they have been collecting items for as well.  Recycled generosity...I love it.  I am sure there will be a lot left over because I have seriously never seen so much stuff.  I hope to be able to get out of bed tomorrow.  Right now Presley has a sore throat and stomach ache so it is possible that we both may be home tomorrow, but I will let you know how everything pans out.  Thanks to all my followers for your encouragement.  Please leave me your comments, as I love to read them.  Until next time my friends...

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Pat Quintal said...

Sweet girl, I hope you didn't overdo today. It was so humid I know your skin must look beautiful. The hi humidity has to be good for somethin.LOL I was so busy in the salon today (praise God) that I didn't get to help today, but I'll be there tomorrow . I couldn't believe the amount of stuff there today either. Just goes to show you people are wonderful and our GOD is an awesome GOD. Love you PQ