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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anointed with oil and blessed with KFC!

Hello everyone!

It is a little after midnight, early Sunday in the wee hours of the morning. I have just taken a pain pill because I ache all over. I think it has more to do with the rain than my chemo or the cancer. I guess I am just getting old. Speaking of....I read somewhere that a woman's body composition ages 10 years after undergoing chemo. Meaning instead of having the muscle mass or bone density of a 42 year old, I may easily have that of a 52 year old after chemo. That is not to say that your body can't recover and gain back those years. Of course, don't take this as complete truth .....who knows? Read it on the internet....LOL.

Vicky came and picked me up today and took me to her church. She always goes to the 4 pm Saturday night service at Gateway Church. It was a good service. At the end they ask for anyone to come down to the front who wanted prayer. Vicky and I went down and waited in line. There were several people down at the front praying for all who came. As we stood there she told me that the elderly man who stood facing us was the husband of one of her clients and that she was dying of some type of cancer. He was a tall slim man probably in his late 70's or early 80's. He had a kind smile. He finished praying for the person he was with and we were directed to go ahead and step forward towards him. He took my hand. It was gentle and warm. Vicky introduced me and told him that I was the previous owner of the salon where his wife gets her hair done every week. He smiled at me. She explained to him that I had breast cancer. He asked if he could anoint me with oil and pray for me. He took a tiny glass jar out of a bag and opened it. He put a small amount on his finger and put the sign of the cross on my forehead and he began to pray. He prayed for my healing, cursing my cancer, and all the while holding my hand. His prayer brought peace and light. Even with my eyes closed, I could see light and feel God's presence. All the while I couldn't help thinking of his wife who was dying of cancer, yet he was front of me. He was taking the time to pray for me and be there for others. I can only imagine how long he has been married....50, 60 years or more. I pray for him and what lies ahead....his loneliness and his pain. I can't help but think that my cancer pales in comparison to what he will face losing the love of his life. Yet, I also know the strength and faith that I saw in his eyes not many people have. Thank you kind man for praying for me and may God bless you and may he give me courage and devotion like yours.

Afterwards, Vicky and I went to my house. Just as we arrived, Shonna who works as the skin care specialist at the salon,, pulled up in front of my house. She is a beautiful person inside and out, a true sweetheart. She is tall with platinum blonde hair and has flawless bronze skin. When you see her enter a room, you can watch all the men around gazing in awe as their jaws hit the floor. She has a sweet innocence about her. It was raining. I quickly got in the house through the garage and got to the front door to open it and let her in out of the rain. Her hands were full: two bags, each carrying the well known famous buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken. This time the buckets were pink. They were adorned with the breast cancer ribbon logos printed on them, along with hundreds of names. These were the names of women. Vicky and I thanked Shonna and tried to encourage her to stay. But seriously, the girl is single and it's Saturday night.......Hot date, or chicken with Penny? date? or chicken with Penny? So she left as quickly as she came, so I made Vicky stay and help me with the feast. We ate and ate, all the while I couldn't help but ask...."do you think these names are survivors or women who didn't beat their breast cancer?" We read the names, turning the pink buckets slowly. There were so many names. No offense KFC, but if I beat this thing (which I will), please don't put my name on a bucket of chicken.....and If I don't (that just won't happen).....I surely don't want my name to adorn pink buckets of chicken. I think your marketing /PR department needs some new direction. Although I do give them credit for supporting the breast cancer fight. Oh, and they do have best chicken in the world, too! So.....give me a breast....or two!.....sorry, I just couldn't help myself. (snicker, snicker, snicker)....No seriously, everyone go get some pink buckets of KFC and support the fight against breast cancer. Hey, I'm giving you an excuse to eat large quantities of fried chicken. Just say thank go get some.

(Thanks Shonna! ) Dinner was great. I have been craving fried chicken amongst a lot of other things. Shonna has cooked for us once already and brought me a McDonald's gift card for the girls. She is always thinking of others. She, like so many of my co-workers and clients, have done so much for me and my family. I am so grateful to all of them!

So tonight I was anointed with oil and blessed with KFC. Doesn't get much better than that. :)  Go to this link or copy in your browser to watch a great KFC pink bucket dance.


AFWingMom said...

Well anointed with oil and blessed by KFC is a great thing.....

kimwillows said...

You're such a good writer! Maybe you missed your calling all these years, or maybe this is your new calling--to write a book. Maybe one to encourage others going through a difficult time. Anyway, you certainly are entertaining me as I read about your experiences. I admire your ability to see humor in the midst of your pain and fears. I pray for you every time I think about you, which is several times a day.
Kim Pittman