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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What day is it anyway?

Well, today has been one foggy moment after the other. All I remember is that I awoke around 1 p.m. to my doorbell ringing. It was my aunt Patsy and my Uncle David. She said she had emailed me earlier to let me know that she was coming because I never answer my phone. Well she is partially right because I do have a new phone since switching to AT&T and I haven't even paid attention to what my ringer sounds like, and I have 100+ contacts to enter . Haven't had the energy to do that yet. My clients are used to communicating by text, most of them. I still have a few that have no idea I have cancer or have had surgery. So I have gotten the occasional text asking me advice about their hair. One text in particular was yesterday or the day before....I don't know. But they told me they were thinking of going all blonde and having some dark streaks put in. I think I responded and had a full text conversation with this person only to realize later that I didn't even know who I was speaking with. Still don't know. Got to get my contacts entered so I know who I am talking to....yikes! These anti-nausea drugs have somewhat of an amnesia effect.

Like I said, my aunt Patsy came by with my uncle David. Patsy is my mother's youngest sister. She is a spark to say the least....more like a wild fire. She always made things fun when I was a kid.....a time when things were gloomy at best on many days. I remember being pretty poor when I was really young. Patsy always had something with her like a stuffed animal or some kind of toy. I remember her buying me this fake fur coat when I was in kindergarten. It was velvet trimmed and came with matching velvet pants. In the first grade she bought me a TEXAS orange velvet hooded coat with a white woolly sheep-like trim. In the third grade she picked me up one morning and took me to school in her white corvette with the T-tops off. She was always fun! There were so many things that my childhood was, but FUN was not one of them. However, when Patsy was was fun. I am sad to say that Patsy is fighting a battle herself with cancer. She has an intestinal cancer that they say is inoperable. She has been going down to MD Anderson and is going to be part of some trial soon. As much as I hate this cancer and especially this chemo, I have to remember that there are people like my aunt that are told that chemo won't help and that it is not even an option. At least I have this treatment to try whether it works or not, at least I get to try. I pray for her healing and she prays for mine as well.

Ken, the new salon owner came by and talked some business. I am his consultant for what I am worth anyways. He is doing a great job and learning very quickly how it is impossible to please everyone. His mother, Linda, is in the hospital. She also has been my client for years. She has an infection of some sort and I will continue to pray for her healing.

Joyce, one of the stylist at the salon came by with her husband Ted. I have worked with Joyce for over 12 years now. Joyce and Ted are as good as gold. They brought me some homemade soup and cornbread. This was a good thing because up until this point I had once again had a butterfinger to eat. I know, I know! But there is this easter basket thing on my kitchen counter top, and I had no energy and it was I ate it.

It is almost 7 pm and I think I am hearing Landri's car pull in the back drive way. The kids usually go out to eat on WED with their dad. Kevin won't be home until after 10 tonight. They are having a company dinner this evening at his work celebrating a record month for the month of March.

All in all, I have felt drugged today. Like I have been slipping in and out of consciousness. I don't know why because I don't think I have even taken anything today. I haven't even had anything for the nausea which is not as bad today. It has been actually just one big blurr. That was today, a big blurr ...and it is almost over. Good! Another one down.

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