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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Steel Magnolias

Hello friends! The past couple of days have been pretty good ones. I have had more energy and felt good enough to get out and go up to the The Yellow Brick Salon and see my coworkers and some clients. They have been so supportive of me emotional, spiritually, and even financially. They have brought food over, given me gift cards for all kinds of restaurants, they had a bake sale, and have been so generous in every way. I can't even begin to explain how much support my family has received from so many people that are connected in some way to this salon.

Like I said before, I owned this salon for almost 8 years. I graduated from Texas Christian University in 1990 with a BS in Education, but I always wanted to do hair. So I pursued my dreams and got my license despite my students loans and all the college I already had. I did hair for 8 years and loved it. When I first started thinking of owning my own salon I was a single mother and I was scared. I was scared of something happening to me physically that would keep me from being able to stand behind the chair and make my living. So I thought..."I will open a salon so if anything ever happens I will still have an income." Well, it took every dime I had and then some to make that happen. A lot of sacrifices were made along the way. My dear friend, Ken Cater, is now the owner and is expanding the salon. I prayed for God to give me someone to take on this huge responsibility. I know it was a God thing when I opened it, and when it was time to let it go.....God sent me Ken. I see the same passion in him that I had 8 years ago. It is an "on the job training". I remember how many mistakes I made along the way and how God molded me to be what he wanted. I prayed that God would send me good people and he did. I felt that God wanted me to be of service to people and that he was doing this through the salon. I remember thinking..."why can't I just be in business to make lots of money?"....but that was never the case. There was another plan. So through the years he brought many people and showed me why each and every one of them were there. Like a huge web, God has woven so many people into my life through this salon. Now, these are the same people that have made so much of a difference in my life now. with and fighting breast cancer. The salon, my "once-upon-a time-dream" is giving back to ME in so many ways. Every day I go to my mail box and there are cards from clients who are praying for me. So many of them are not even my clients. I am overwhelmed with all the love, prayers, and support that is coming my way. I counted over 50 greeting cards on my fireplace mantle today, most of them from the clients of THE YELLOW BRICK SALON.

So Ken is expanding the salon, something that has to be done. I pray that the staff will stand behind him in his efforts and pull together and welcome the newcomers. We have always been a pretty tight knit family. Being that I have done this job, I know how hard it is to mesh so many personalities and make everyone happy. I know that God put Ken in this very challenging position for a purpose, besides the fact that he knew that I would be battling cancer. God took care of me. I am so thankful for Ken and his mother, Linda. They are working so hard, putting in so many hours....hours without pay right now. Sometimes I look at them and think...."what would I have done If I still had this salon to run at the same time I am fighting this battle with cancer?" Thank God for Ken and his passion for making this work. I know what he is going through and it is so hard. But one thing is always true and that is the saying that "if God brought you to it, He will bring you through it." This is something Ken and I can both hold on to right now. My prayers are with this awesome group of people and I know that their prayers are with me. Thank you so much clients and friends of The Yellow Brick Salon.

I love you Ken, Linda, Jo Ann, Barbie, Suzette, Rene, Vicky, Susan, Tyler, Jessy, Beverly, Sandy, Joyce, Lauren, Liz, Pat, Lynette, Shonna, Trina, "Mr. T"; Ann and all the newcomers... I am looking forward to working with you soon as I am able. This place is special. :)

 Until next time my friends....


pamcombs said...

Love following your blog, Penny! My specialty is teaching writing, and I spend quite a bit of time teaching grown-ups to write in meaningful ways. Your blog is the perfect example! It is full of your voice and your passion, and that is what makes writing real! So excited that you have felt fairly well these past few days! I was in the salon Thursday afternoon. So sorry that I missed you! Love the new paint and "stuff!" Vicky showed me samples and it is going to be beautiful! You are so right, it IS a special place. God used your willingness to take a risk to create something beautiful. Love you and praying for healing and peace! Pam Combs Jer. 29:11

Anonymous said...

Hi there
A HUGE THANK YOU. I've just been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer :( I hope to start chemo in about 2 weeks and I am scared...your blog really helps. I'm 36 and so scared...thanks so much for writing