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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chili's To Go

So here I am, laying in the same spot on the bed where I have been all day. This time, I am watching TV with my hubby. And then, it happens; the commercial. It's a big juicy, delicious, steak. It has seasonings from the grill adorning the top of it. I can't believe it. Something that actually sounds good to eat. So as I lay here with my laptop on my lap, I go immediately to the Chili's website and place the order.....a 12oz rib eye that makes my mouth water for the first time this week in a GOOD way.....not salivating like it has been from nausea. Now the next part of the get my husband to go pick it up for me. I think he is so glad that I am willing to eat something besides chips, butterfingers, and saltine crackers, that he puts up no resistance. I will say that I did order the seasonal veggies that came with it and some loaded potatoes. What is it with craving salt when you are hit with nausea? Why is that? Should not be long now. Presley has filled my water bottle for me and she is getting ready for a bath. Charlie, the German shepherd likes to peek over the edge of the tub and try to lick the water. Well, sorry Charlie. Presley just locked you out of the bathroom. Kevin should be home any minute, so I hope this craving for some actual food lasts until it is here. Maybe it is a sign....a sign that I am coming out of the chemo fog. Maybe there are good days ahead. Thanks Chili's.


Andy said...

Whats up sis? Finally managed to read it all. Sorry I don't have a computer at home and work is the only place I can get on the computer.... You know how us okie redneck guys are. So my brother is mafia terrorist looking thug huh? LMAO. I always knew there was something funny about him. How are the girls? I miss you guys. Wish we lived closer so I could see you guys more often. The picture I got from Landry and Pres that one Christmas... it is hanging on my wall and I look at it all the time, missing them. Brandy asks about you all the time and mom keeps me pretty much informed. Keep your head up sis, I know its hard but I also know if anyone can fight this, its you. You need to send me some pictures of your and Kevins bald head:) Tell the girls I love them and miss them. Tell them they can come up anytime they want this summer and we'll go the lake or I'll take them camping and riding four wheelers. Anyways I am work and had better get back to work. I love you guys and if you need anything I'm a short 2 hours away. Bye sis, Andy

milissaaustinjenkins said...

Barfing 101 ~ You crave salt when you are barfing because you are getting rid of nutrients that usually hang out in your body so naturally you will crave salt, being that you barfed away all of those nutrients!

Your fellow barfer and Crohn's patients. Missi

Love you hang in there, more on Barfing 101 when I think you need a lesson! =)