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Monday, May 17, 2010

Anyone Want Some Booberries?

Hello everyone.  Thanks for all the responses and prayers for Heather and I both.  Heather left for Columbus today to see about the PARP trials.  I told her that was great and she should give every avenue an opportunity.  She had sent me a text so my response to her was...

"Hit this cancer with everything you've got medically, naturally, spiritually.....Just bring out the big guns girl!  Tell that cancer 'I'm coming and Hell's coming with me!' " (this is  my favorite line from the movie Tombstone).

She said I made her laugh!  That made me smile:)

So I have been thinking of all that Heather is having to do right now, and I did not think it was fair that I be eating butterfingers, sour cream and onion chips, and cheese puffs (and I wonder why I have cancer?....although in my defense I never wanted these until chemo) Anyways, I have known it in my heart for quite sometime but I have been in my happy place....a world of denial....a world where I don't have to face the truth.  And the truth is I can't wait until I am stage 4 to change my nutrition.  The truth is there...staring me in the face.  Even though I wish it would go away and leave me the hec alone, it won't.  I can't be down here in Texas eating whatever sounds alluring to my tastebuds while Heather is up in Van Wert, Ohio drinking freshly made carrot and celery juice all day.  So Kevin and I bought a juicer on Sunday.  After our trip to Bed Bath and Beyond I was too wiped out to go by all the fresh fruits and veggies.  Kevin dropped me off at the house and went to Sprouts, a local food market, and stocked us up on every kind of fruit and vegetable he thought could be put in a juicer.  I mean everything...except for one thing. But I will tell you that a little later.  We juiced carrots, celery, pineapple, apples, strawberries, collard greens, oranges, lettuce, spinach, and I don't even know what else.  Believe it or not, it was really good.  I mean I have been craving orange juice for weeks now. I think I have drank 3 gallons of orange juice in the last 2 weeks myself.  You can only imagine what that will do to you.  Especially when you drink a whole gallon of orange juice while you're eating a whole bag of cheese puffs at the same time.  Trust me, EVERTHING is orange!..TMI?

So I have been juicing away and I actually like the taste so far....of course I have not been drinking just carrot and celery juice either.  Yesterday I walked on my treadmill for 30 minutes.  It was a slow pace but I upped the incline and took deeper, slower strides.  It is a start, and I at least had enough energy to get myself to "the room" where the treadmill rest in early retirement.

So after Kevin and I juiced everything we could juice, I got on my laptop and was scouring the net.  I came upon this study that was done by City of Hope, I believe it is a cancer treatment/research center.  They did a study and found that blueberries slowed the growth of cells in triple negative breast cancer tumors.  They found that in some cases there was cell death, and the overall weight of tumors in lab animals was 70% less with a group that was given blueberry extracts than the control group that wasn't.  So I thought this was exciting news and I wondered why this wasn't plastered all over every internet site dealing about TNBC.  The truth is ...their is not much money in blueberries for pharmaceutical companies. So unless your a new medicine with twenty or more side effects worth millions to big pharmaceutical companies you won't get a lot of fame.  So thank you City of Hope for your research in alternative cures both natural and pharmaceutical for triple negative patients.

So after reading this, I told Kevin to listen up and I read him the article and made him watch a video.  He thought it was very interesting then he got up and began putting on his shoes.  Before I knew it he was grabbing his keys.  I asked him where he was going.  His reply was simple and sweet..."I am going to get blueberries....I did not get any blueberries."  So out the door he went.  It was actually a very touching moment for me.  I thought to myself, "he really wants me to live!?"  I know that sounds funny, but how many married people out there wish they could do it all over again, right?

So now I am juicing away and eating a lot a blueberries and loving my sweet hubby even more.  As always I love to get your comments and thank you for becoming a follower!  Share this link with your friends and help me spread awareness about Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  Please click on the link below to watch this awesome video.  Until next time my friends!

Blueberries and Triple Negative Breast Cancer


Jonesh27 said...

: ) *Tear* that is very sweet! I'm glad to hear the juicing is going well! i've also heard that kombucha (which is drink made from a fermented mushroom) has shown positive side effects in killing cancer cells. It sounds gross, but kombucha is actually pretty tasty. It can be found in many health food stores and comes in a variety of flavors. I think its the pro-biotocs from being a live culture that is helpful for the body.
oh also, I know my mom has been drinking a LoT of lemon bubbly water as a more appealing way to "push the fluids".
Glad to hear you are doing so well! thanks you for the update!

AFWingMom said...

Me checking on you again Penny - it's tough to make those changes that are necessary whether it be for reasons such as yours or just general health improvement. I know I should eat better - I'd lose weight and feel great, right? It's easier said than done and I applaud your early efforts and I sincerely hope it brings the results you are hoping for. I'll be here ~ reading and praying for you! (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny. I LOVE blueberries! Something is bound to work! Keep moving forward and taking care of your body, mind and spirit! Your family and friends love you very much and want you to live! Live the life you were meant to live, full of love, laughter and surrounded by those who love you! I love reading your blog and following your journey! Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way! Cynthia A.

willow58 said...

Blueberries sound yummy! Yes, definitely get some kombucha. I drink one bottle of grape flavor a day. To read more about it, go to - I buy it by the case at Whole Foods.

elliebelfiglio said...

My dear Penny, I am so delighted to hear that you are changing your diet. Juice or no juice, fruit and vegtable are the ultimate food for everyone specially someone like you who is battling cancer. Lets kill all these bad cells with BOOBERRIES, carrots, cellery, and... I remeber my great aunt and granfather's diet were mostly fruit and vegtable. I guess the old timers knew what they were doing instinctively. Hnaging there baby. With chemo, new diet, love of your husband, children, and all your friends and family, and above all the corperate prayers that been said for you, Heather, and..., you'll beat this. I see you Thursday. with love, from here to there.

Anonymous said...

Q: What do you get when 354 blueberries try to go through the door at the same time?

A: A Blueberry Jam

Corny but I thought it was cute! Cynthia

The Wiskow's said...

Hey Girl, I have been juicing for over a year now. I do all kind of crazy things. There are a few good websites with recipes that help you incorporate things like Kale, bell peppers, etc. On Wednesday's at Sprouts it is double ad day so it's 2 weeks worth of sales so you can get the best deals. I also take the pulp form the juicer and put it in everything. I sneak it in spaghetti sauce, muffins, oatmeal, cornbread, etc. Talk to you soon. Kim

Yolanda said...

My girlfriend was struggling with her weigh loss efforts, so she began a fast. During this fast she prayed hard, God told her to eat what He gave us to eat. Of course, it's so simple He gave us everything that He intended for us to eat! So hard to do...

Oh, and I love booberries frozen! Yummy little treat!

What a sweet husband that you have!

Tracy Schreiner said...

Penny...Thanks for "friending" me on FB. I checked your blog for the first time ever today. I spent a couple of hours reading every single entry from day one. It is extremely moving. I was unable to walk away. Thanks for being willing to share every last detail of your battle and experience with me. I do not speak/write eloquently nor write elegant poetry but I can and will do what you know is most important...pray! You have a gift of bringing others closer to you, to each other and to God by sharing your plight. You have inspired me and encouraged me. I hope that in some way, my way, I can do the same for you. Fight the fight and never, never, never, never gift up. Talk soon.