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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Very Best Friend

I am feeling much better today.  I still have not done a whole lot but lay around.  But I at least feel good enough to not want to escape through sleep.  My dear husband Kevin, was juicing for me last night and Landri came into the kitchen.  She asked him what he was doing that smelled so good.  He showed her and gave her some of his wonderful concoction.  Now mind you, my oldest child has never been a "green" eater, but Landri drank it down and said "it's good....but don't tell me what's in it!"  Then today, Landri text me from school and asked me if we had anymore of that "juice stuff".  I said no, but told her I could make more.  So her and her friend Taylor came home with her and we all three pitched in and juiced some fruits and veggies.  We enjoyed each other's company and we "did lunch" out of our glasses.   It was nice to have them both home for lunch, but they quickly left to go back to school.

I will tell you that having breast cancer or any type of cancer is an awful thing to go through.  Knowing that I have triple negative breast cancer I think is even harder because you know that it historically has higher recurrence rates and a nasty aggressive reputation to boot.  Going through chemo blindly, not knowing if it is working or not, and being told that there is a 50% chance that it will fail, is a hard thing to swallow.  Then you get to deal with the fact that there are no other known treatments if it does come back or metastasizes...just more chemo and radiation if possible.  I know at first my husband had a really hard time dealing with this.  I think he kind of gave up on me before I ever started the fight.  Now, things are different.  He is fighting with me tooth and nail.  He has given me strength and courage and has shown me a deeper level of love and understanding than I ever thought possible.  I know that there are a lot of people praying for not only me but him too.  I can feel it and I can see a change in him like no other.  He has always been a great husband, but now he is even more so.  He is amazing and strong, yet humble.  He has taken on so much for me and the girls.  He comes home and takes care of me, the dogs, the girls, the dishes, the laundry, and so much more.  I know this is a rare thing for most women to experience.  I also know that there are a lot of women who are blessed with great husbands.  When you take the sexual attraction and chemistry out of a relationship you get down to the bare bones of what your relationship is.  When a woman is beefed up on steroids, bald, boobless, and get to see the skeleton of your relationship.  What do I see in the x-ray of our lives?  I see that I married my best friend in the whole world.  He is not perfect, nor am I.  He has made have I.  We would not be human if it weren't so.  So I married my best friend and the greatest thing is ....that friendship continues to grow to even deeper levels.  Kevin, I love you more than you will ever know.  The girls and I are so blessed to have you.  You are the best husband and step-dad that anyone could ever ask for in a million years.  

Please leave your comments because I LOVE to read them.  I really look forward to it!!!!  Until next time my friends...


Shanda Lynn said...

I lost my mom to colon cancer 14 years ago and she was only 44. As hard as it was for me I was amazed at her strength and love for all of us during that time. I truly believed I would never in my lifetime see anyone an strong as she was or with such an amazing ....can't find the I can't stop crying. You "ARE" the person I never thought I would see. No one knows the out come of our lives but one thing is certain- your family and those of us reading your bog are truly blessed to know you! All my prayers and love to you!!!

The Wiskow's said...

:)Love you!

luvs2paint said...
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Tyler Brandley said...

As always, every time I read your posts, (and I have read every one of them), it always causes me to either cry or laugh, or sometimes I do both. But the one thing I usually always experience in reading your words is: ENCOURAGEMENT. I see the hand of God with His power and might sustaining you and comforting you and your family in the face of a very difficult situation when most people who don't even know who our God is would most surely crumble in despair or grow bitter with anger if they were to endure your present hardship. I’m always encouraged when I see how mightily God works in our lives and in the lives of others like you. Thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us because in doing so, (in the very transparent way that you do), you aren't just revealing about you and your family, but you are also revealing the depth of God's love for you and all of us as well.
Praying for you to have the fullness of God's mercy's which are new every day.
Much love to you Kevin and the girls, Tyler

vickyboiles said...

Hi Penny! you are so blessed! God knew just what you needed.

How i wish we were "rich bitches" so we could do lunch everyday - however we have not been good at the bitch part - so just rich would do. :)

Give Kevin a hug from me - he is restoring my hope in love unconditional.


Patsy Fulkerson said...

Dear Sweet Penny,
As I have told you - Breast cancer separates the men from the boys - and you, my dear, definitely have a man. You are very lucky to have picked the right mate - and so is he. Love you so very much.

elliebelfiglio said...

I Love you my precious Penny. Sorry for my misuderstnding. Andy and Brandy will pick up Madison Saturday evening at Love Field. They are coming here for dinner. I called Kevin and he said he needs to talk to you. If you feel like it, would you like to come here Saturday evening. I am planning to cook something that I don't think you guys had it before. Knowing your taste, I am sure you're going to lile it. No pressure; just if you feel like it. I love you so very much my beautiful daughter.
From here to there.

Rodney said...

Wow! One of these days, I hope your story will be the subject of a book.

Your journal/blog has been positive, awe-inspiring, and an inspiration for us to read.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family, Penny!

Much love,
Cheryl Mason

willow58 said...

You and Kevin are fortunate to have each other and we are blessed to be part of both of your lives!!