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Friday, May 14, 2010

Planning for Fun...with Cancer

Hello everyone!  I am continuing everyday to fight this battle with triple negative breast cancer.  I am noticing that with each chemo session.  I am feeling more and more wiped out.  I was told that it would happen....that the chemo would have somewhat of an accumulative effect.  Basically, it hits me harder each time.  The bad time last a little longer and comes on a little sooner.  Next week I face my fourth round of chemo with the adriamycin and cytoxan.  These are the "bad" drugs that really make you feel crappy.  The next four rounds will be two other drugs.  The nausea is not supposed to be as bad.  However, with these drugs comes neuropathy in the fingers and toes.  This can be a permanent thing.  I will hope and pray that it won't be.  For the sake of my occupation, it would be disabling to have pain and/or numbness in my finger tips (and toes) all the time.  

I am still concerned about the fact that I am still unable to work.  My days are so unpredictable when it comes to how I feel.  Being a hairstylist who has been self employed for 12 years, I do have a huge clientèle.  I realize that by the time this is over, it may not be that big.  I have seen it happen too many times.  My appointments are usually pre-booked for up to two months at a time.  I can't even say how I may feel tomorrow, much less next week, and certainly not next month.  It is getting pretty scary though, not having my income.  I know I should not worry because God always seems to come through no matter what the situation is. Even though things are tight, we have decided to take a family vacation since this may be Landri's last summer for vacations with us.  We are driving to the Texas coast and staying at Pelican Bay for a few days of fishing and such.  We did not want to plan anything too big because we know that I may be held back in the bed for a lot of the time.  I am sure Kevin and the girls can drum up some fun with or without me, especially when it comes to fishing. 

Yesterday was Presley's birthday.  She is 13 years old now.   Kevin is off every Thursday so we went to the mall to get Presley a gift.  We ended up getting a complimentary wheelchair and Kevin pushed me around.  I was very glad because I would not have lasted long. I had a blood draw earlier that morning and they had said my white blood count was too low (again).  I have to go on more antibiotics for this.  I was also pretty dizzy with vertigo as usual.  So we went from one end of the mall to the other looking for tie-dyed Converse shoes.  This is what Presley wanted, but I had not been able to find them before....but I had not looked real hard, either.  Since I had Kevin and he could push me around....we got serious about finding these shoes.  No luck though!  Not even online!  So we got her some Rocket-Dogs with splattered paint colors on them and some Skechers that looked somewhat like Ed Hardy's.  We picked up some Zebra flip-flops too.  What can I say....the girl is a shoe horse!  We also bought her a pink rod and reel for fishing.  This one has flashing lights on the reel that go off as you turn the crank.  It is so girly girl!  After we got home we all went out to eat for Presley's birthday and her dad went with us.  Tomorrow, Saturday, I have to pull off a party with a lot of 7th graders who will be coming to the house.  I hope she has a great time!

I am looking forward to getting out of town.  I figure I will at least be able get someone to prop me up in a chair and hold a fishing pole, right?  At least at some point....I will feel like I am part of the fun.  My girls deserve to have a little fun...I know things have not been the cheeriest around here lately. God knows Kevin could sure use a break.  He comes home after work everyday and takes care of me, the girls, the dogs, the house, the laundry, and everything else you could imagine.  He has really been a trooper.  I couldn't ask for anymore from him.  I have the best husband and kids!  I love them so much.  

Guess I better start getting ready for the party.  Got to round up some energy.  Happy Birthday my little Presley! Until next time friends!


elliebelfiglio said...

Have a graeat party for my precious presily. I am so happy that you all are taking a few days off. Love you all. see you Thursday.
From here to there.

Anonymous said...

Penny, I hope little Presley has a great party with her friends! Hopefully you will have the energy to spend some time with her and enjoy her smiles and giggles. Really glad to hear that you're taking a vacation break! Everyone deserves it!! Doesn't matter where you go as long as you're together and surrounded by love! My hope for you is that everyone has a great time and that you're feeling rested and well enough to enjoy your vacation. Wishing you much love, rest, laughter and most of all strength! Cynthia

Anonymous said...

tell Miss Presely Happy Birthday

i love you ! vicky

Cindy said...


Reading about the journey your on reminds me so much of what my mom went through. I was blesses to be a part of her therapy and support, which made a differenc in my life. I know I've only been coming to you for a year and half or so, but I found you to be such a bright light, so warm to people and skilled at your craft, that I want to know how you are doing. I pray your treatments are extraordinarily successful. I would love to meet you, take you to lunch if you're up to it.
(very tall, from Keller, mom of two Scotties)