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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wounded Villian

I have been feeling pretty yucky for the past week, but I am now coming around and doing well.  I have severe insomnia and nothing seems to be helping that.  Good news is I am going to spend some time with my family this week.  We are due for some rest, recuperation, and fun.  I will probably not be posting this week.  I am going to try to relieve some stress and also try not to think about having cancer.  I will leave you with a poem I wrote just 4 days before having my double mastectomy.  Have a great Memorial Day and thank you to all the veterans out there for the many sacrifices made past, present, and future. 

  Wounded Villain

Dark and deceptive he lurks in hiding
Waiting to make his move
He is the villain who haunts our sisters and mothers
Stealing from our daughters and friends

The victims of this dangerous criminal
Are bound together by strength and hope
They are all shapes and sizes, young and old
They are beautiful in and out

The wounds of his deceptions know no bounds
From broken hearts to balding heads
Scars in places unseen
He does not discriminate

He sees the pink ribbons everywhere
He fears he will be caught
For the power of pink is a stronger force
Bearing down with all its might

For our sisters, daughters, mothers, and friends
The fight has just begun
Their desire to eliminate the predator and take him down
Has joined them together by the love for the ones that fell

Her name is Survivor and she is so very strong
She is the one he couldn’t destroy
She speaks the words “we will find the cure!”
He shutters as he knows his days numbered

They call him Breast Cancer, he is weak and alone
He is losing his strength everyday
For the power of pink is too strong to endure
With the armor of Faith, Hope, and Love

Penny Nichols Navid


Anonymous said...

Penny, enjoy this week with your family. Have fun, laugh and play! Your poem is very powerful; thank you for sharing it with us. Love and prayers, "Aunt" Sharon

Sheryl Ball said...

Penny, I have been following your blog from Heather's FB posts. Heather married my cousin, Doug. Both you and Heather are in my thoughts and prayers daily. My dad died of colorectal cancer 10 yrs ago and I am a lymphoma survivor (diagnosed the yr after dad died). My "cocktails" were Vincrystine & Cytoxin, every 3 weeks. That was 10 yrs ago. Both you and Heather are inspirations for all of us! Trust in the Lord and He will protect you!